Pastor’s Notes

“The Church on a Mission”

Often I meet Christians who are in spiritually anemic, holding on to their faith but not advancing it much. Bible study has become a chore; prayer is a dry routine. The miracle of their own conversion, once thought of with great passion, is now a distant, fading memory. And going to church is something they just do.

But when these weary believers break out of spiritual isolation and meet someone that is  spiritually seeking answers, something incredible starts to happen. As they experience conversations that tend to happen with unchurched people, they begin to notice a sort of inner renewal taking place. Areas long ignored suddenly come alive with fresh significance.  Isn’t it incredible how increasing our efforts to reach others can be a catalyst for personal growth?

 Living on mission is not only an effect of God’s grace coming to us through the His wordprayer, and fellowship, it also becomes a means of his grace to us in the Christian life.


Pastor Mike

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1705 N Irving Heights Dr.
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Sunday School - 9:30 A.M.
Sunday Worship - 10:45 A.M